Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Stupid Mistake of a Character

The stupid mistake.
I have a lot of young friends.  Friends that are so smart and intelligent that (I won’t lie) I had have wished that I was one of them when I was in my younger years.  However, with that said, I say this:

Some of them are really stupid.  “Stupid” because they keep chasing the same “road” to find the same “rock” and stumble upon it over and over and over… non-stop.  But even though I know it, I don’t judge them.  I don’t judge them because I know what is like to be young.  I was once one.  A very stupid one that made a lot mistakes and even worse that thought that knew it all.

The good thing though is that “mistakes” don’t define who you are.  What you are is automatically embedded within you the moment you are born.  In other words, you are what you are.

For instance, sometimes I observe some of those young friends doing “stupid” things.  And those stupid things turn out to be “evil” things.  Evil because you can feel that it is coming from within.  While at the same time you observe others, and all you see and feel is the “act” of young and foulest [just doing it because it is fun, and others do it or because I have the power to do it].

As Dad I have learned that I CAN NOT go to my daughter and say to her:

You can’t do that.
That is bad for you.
That is going to ruin your life.
Bla bla bla bla!  and Bla.

But..  from time to time, as she grows, I am there for her.  I will always be there right next to her.  Telling her all the things that I have done (good and bad) and all their consequences.  With all that, I let her decide what a human can be, and what a human can become.

Recently, a friend of mine texted another friend of mine, and it went like this:

FRIEND-1Am I a bad worker?
FRIEND-2:  When you get your desires to be, yes, you become a bad worker.  ...  I have seen you at your best in the past.  And every time I have, you have blown my mind.  You can be a great role model if you choose to be.  You really can. 

Fortunately:  for the “Good Stupid Ones” when time is right, instead of a “Rock” Life sends them a “Mountain”  …  A mountain that makes them fall so hard, that when they get up (and they pass you by), you can’t even recognize them!.

Unfortunately:  the “Evil Stupid Ones” they don’t change.  They simply become more miserable.  Life doesn’t mess with them.  Because believe it or not, “Miserable” people are needed [in other to push others to greatness].

Evil Stupid Ones:  don’t get it twisted.  Life won’t mess with you ONLY up until the moment you mess with one of Life’s precious soul.  Don’t ever forget that.

So..  here is the deal.  People CAN change.  But regarding that change, there is nothing you can do about it but to be yourself when you are right next to them (so they can see, touch, and feel your character).

Let them be.  Be yourself.  And let Life take care of the rest.


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