Thursday, September 29, 2016

Collateral Beauty

When I was told that we were moving to America, I wasn’t too happy about it [I loved my friends, my town, my country].  But after moving, after getting into high school, I had the opportunity to have some of the greatest teachers on planet earth.  Through them, I was able to see not only the light at the end of the tunnel, with them I was able to see through my whole infinity.

Then I went to college, then came love.  Then, Life blessed me with so much.  And not only that, Life gave me the opportunity, the blessing of staying and being who I am (and what I am).  Then time came for me to share all that.  So I asked Life for a baby.  And as always, my wish was granted, and my daughter came to our magical world.

And that is where I wanted to get with you right now.

You see, when my daughter arrived in my life, my life changed [but not in the way you may think].

After high school, my life was on a blessed roll that I just can’t explain.  But after my daughter was born, thing just got bigger, greater, and BLESSER (I don’t even know if that is an english word).

You see, the LOVE for my daughter didn’t change my life, it just magnified it.  Her love was something new.  Something that I never felt before.  A love that gave an “unstoppable rocket” to my life.

A love that pushed me to the limits, and boundaries of the unknowns of paradise.  A love that until this day, this moment, still makes me get up every day and be better than yesterday.  Still makes me get up every day and act like a student.  It makes me learn to be better tomorrow.  It makes me learn for the greatest of others.

It took me sometime to figure it out.  But I did.

FRIENDS:  the most complex thing on this universe is called a HUMAN.

And what I discovered is this:  nice words, words of encouragements, a positive educational story, a how to book, a preacher, an inspirational speaker CANNOT change you, nor can change your life.

What will change your life (and you) is when you [if you] wake up and find a purpose, a reason, a motivation to live on this planet.

And it is not just finding it, you have to want it, you have to love it, you have to need it [just like you need every single breath you take].

p.s.  I am not sending you to make love and have a child.  I am sending you to find your THING.  Your PURPOSE.

When you find THAT, that’s when things will start to change.  That’s when YOU will change.

And don’t give me wrong.  Through time, with time, one day you may wake up and find out that THAT thing is no longer there.

And with time YOU will understand that THAT is ok.  Because your connection with THAT wasn’t with a wired connection.  Your connection with that was through Bluetooth.  In other words, it wasn’t a physical thing, it wasn’t an external thing, IT WAS (it is) AN INNER THING.

And no matter what happens, no matter what you do, no matter what path you take, or what journey you take (good journey, dark journey), you will always feel that you are walking on the sidewalk of the garden of paradise.


Find that thing!


“You have been given a gift.  This profound connection to everything.  Just look for it.  I promise you it’s there”

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