Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm Not the Only One - But I Will Live

When I was about 13 years old, while walking on my way to school with a friend of mine, a car stopped beside us.  It was my friend’s dad.  He gave us a ride to school.

 A song was playing on the radio.  It got my attention.  The song says something like, “Alguien Durmio en Mi Cama” (Someone Slept on My Bed).  This is referring to “I was away, I came back, and I feel like someone slept in my bed with the love of my life.”

I said at loud, Ooh man that’s hard!.  Immediately, my friend’s dad said, “No, that’s not what you should say.  You should say, ‘that MUST be hard’ because you haven’t live it.”

This song reminds me of that day.

Today, I will say it the right way:  “That MUST be hard”

p.s.  I haven’t live it (so I think).  And I hope I never will.



In reference where the PAIN is, I will say this:

There are REASONS why people choose to live with PAIN.  And even though they choose to, we shouldn’t judge them.  Ever.

But to them I will say this:

At the end of the day (in the end) those REASONS would have been better off, would have love you more, would have cherish you more, if you have chosen to live without the PAIN.

When you choose to live with PAIN, the people that you love, that surround you, also live with pain.  Don’t expect them to love you.  Don’t expect them to cherish you.  Once you make that choice, there is nothing that you can do, no one will ever look up to you.  No one.  (p.s.  don’t give me wrong.  As a human being, they will always love you.  As a person, they never will.  WHY?  Because you were the one person that they should have looked up to.  You are the one they should have always cherished).


It should be

PAIN = Experiences = Knowledge = GAIN = Be Better = I AM BETTER

It should not be:

PAIN = Next Generation = PAIN + PAIN = Next Generation = MORE PAIN


Don’t start a chain.  Don’t continue the chain.  Just drop it.  Just cut it.

Love yourself.  And let the ones that should love you, LOVE you.  Let the ones that should cherish you, CHERISH you.

~ ~

Also, to end this never ending school walk, I want to say that Sam Smith has an amazing voice.

His music is beyond soul.

For Love,


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