Monday, September 9, 2013

No Reason – Family Reunion Party

Most of us human being have this “unique” thing in common that it just rolls across the board on everyone, every race, every country, and every family.  And that thing is that for some unknown reason we tend to know, have a great time with, and/or meet new family members at a “funeral” than any other place or time in our life time.  It is sad, but it is also the truth.

Over the weekend, my family had this “No Reason – Family Reunion Party”

And what can I tell you?

To be honest, there are no words to describe a “no reason” family reunion party.  There are simply no words to describe it.

The joy, the happiness, the timelessness, the pricelessness was just magical.  And I leave it as that.

I will also say this:

For the first time in my life, I have never seen SO MANY PEOPLE SLEEPING AT MY HOUSE at one time.  I mean, when I say “so many” I really mean it.  There were people even sleeping underneath the dining room tablet.  It was kind of a “HolyKaw Breath Taking Joy Moment.”

My Friends:

It is easy to get into the shower of what our heart wants.  But, it is so difficult to get a shower of what our soul needs.

The “needs” of our soul is what give us life (when we give it to it).  And a “No Reason Moment” is a “moment” that you need to “live” before you leave.

And … It is never too late to have one.




Jovanny A Rodriguez
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