Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heaven - Paradise - True Love

If you ask someone, “what love is?” …  There is a 99.9% chance that you will get an answer.


Because the knowledge of “love” is in a human nature, is in a human DNA.  That is why you will get an answer.

However, if you ask someone, “can you describe to me the feeling of what you feel, when you are deeply in love with someone, and you are loved the same way back?”  …  The chances of you getting an answer “to that” are slim to none.

Why is that?  Well, simply because “true love” exists everywhere except where we found it.

Yesterday, while going through my e-mails, I found this beautiful song that I have never heard before.

While listening to the song, I thought to myself:

The greatest imaginary “place to be” that any living creature or human being could ever ask for is a place called “Heaven” (Paradise).  Heaven because base on our own imaginary thoughts, there is no other place like it, there is no other place that will give you what heaven can give you.  And yet, when you are in love, and are loved back, there is no other greatest place to be, than been with the one that always makes you “Be”

In other words, when you are living “True Love” there is nothing heaven can do to make you want to move.

So, if someone ever ask me that question, “Can you describe ….love?” …. My answer will be:

Do you know what Heaven is (what Paradise is)? Well, I wouldn’t trade my world, my “true love” living life for Paradise… for Heaven.  That will be my answer.

You see, I can write millions of things here as of “what love does” to you, to yourself being, to your life, but I won’t say a thing.  All I will say is this:

“Love” is a never ending story.  “True Love” is a story with an “end” but that lives and goes beyond eternity.

And yet, there is nothing in life worth fighting for, nothing, except for LOVE.


Jovanny A Rodriguez
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