Sunday, February 19, 2012

From Here to There

So, I’m sitting in church, with my Princess, minding my own business with God.  All of the sudden, my Princess got close to my ears and said:

Princess:  Dad, you do know I love you, right?

Me: Yes, I do. And I love you too.

Princess: [opening up her arms, she goes] No Dad, but I love you this big!.

Me: Yeaah… but I love you from here to the priest.

Princess: But I love you from here to the sky.

Me: Ok…. But I love you from here to the moon.

Princess: [stay very quiet, looking at me, and then said] But I Love You from here to God.


My Friends:

You can have all kinds of love in your life, all your life, but the Love that comes from your own blood is a Love that just can't be replace by nothing at all.


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