Thursday, January 12, 2012

Passport to Paradise

The first thing that is given to us when we are born is something called a “Passport” to go anywhere of our choosing (except Paradise).

There are two ways to get to Paradise: You can either go through an approval process to get approved or denied. Or simply Paradise itself (out of the blue) will show up and may knock on Your door.

My Friends: Because You never know, make sure Your “passport” is up-to-date at all time.

If Paradise come knocking Your door, and you accept to go with Paradise, when You get to the airport there are a couple of things You should see. But, because Your passport is not up-to-date, the only thing You will see is the “Check In Counter.”

You won’t even see *The Gate*

If You don’t have it, get it. If it expired, renew it.


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