Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daddy & 6 years old Princess Talk: “School & Love”

Princess:  Dad, what does it means Public Schools?

Me:  Public Schools mean that parents don’t have to pay for their children to go to school.

Princess:  Oooohhh I got it!! … Public Schools mean dress-down-day everyday!!

Me: (“in my mind” – Yes you got it!!)  >:-/  

Round Two:

Princess:  Dad, Mom is in-love.

Me:  that is great :)

Princess:  Are you in-love Dad?

Me:  No yet, but I will. I need to find her.

Princess:  Ooohh man!! … I need to find him too!

Me:  What!!!?

Princess:  Yeah Dad, I need to find Matteo.

Me:  Matteo!! … Who is Matteo and where did he go?

Princess:  He is a boy that I like very much that was in my school but he went to another school. :(

Me:  Boy!! We need to find them. o_O

p.s. After doing some research, trying to find Matteo, I came to find out that Matteo does exist. He was on top of her list a year earlier. Check this out:

Daddy & Daughter Talk (Click)


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