Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don’t Stop, Don’t Think - No Pares, No Pienses

When You are caught off guard by trouble, by danger that threaten Your life, and at the same time you see a side of light, a side of safety, You DO NOT STOP!!... You DO NOT THINK!!… You Run…You Run, If You fall, Stand Up and Run!!. They shouldn’t had died, they shouldn’t… but they did. Very Sad :( 

If You pay attention to the first couple of seconds on the video, you will notice that some of them had time to cross over but they “STOPPED” … And some of them stopped to “THINK” ….. :( :(


Cuando el tiempo Te agarre fuera de base, es decir, problema, peligro que amenaza contra tu vida, y a la misma vez Tu vez Vida, Tu vez seguridad, salvación, Tu NO TE PARAS!! … Tu NO DEBES DE PENSAR!!... Tu Corres!! … Tu Corres, Si Te caes, Párate!! Y Corres!!. Ellos no debieron de morir, no debieron…pero murieron. :(

Si le pones atención a los primeros segundos del video, notaras que algunos de ellos tenían tiempo para cruzar pero ellos “PARARON” … Y otros pararon para “PENSAR” … :( :(


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