Friday, February 11, 2011

True Friend vs. Friend/Best Friend

A “True Friend” is “The One” above all Your friends.

Part of the journey of Your life comes with a race where You fall.  At the race, Your “Best Friend” will be right beside You before the race starts (at the tracks).  While at the race, when You fall, Your “True Friend” will be right by Your side, all the time (And sometimes You won’t even know it).  And last but not least, You must believe this one, but before You get to the hospital (after You fall), Your “Friend” will be there.

Your “True Friend” will always be there, even though sometimes physically doesn’t seen there.
A “True Friend” (when you are in need), will do wherever it takes to get to you what you need.  Even if that includes, walking, running across streets, or even further, going to the moon.  The “Others” don’t even think about it, because they won’t do it for you, unless, they have a ride to get to you.

One thing You should know about a “True Friend” is this:

Every time you fall don’t expect Your “True Friend” to be physically there.  There is a law in this universe that says, in order for You to learn from a fall, You must learn to get up on Your own.  Your “True Friend” knows, fallows, and respects that law.  And it is no because of the law, but because of Love.

For Love,


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