Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You & The Yankees

After the Yankees lost this season, after seeing the media and some people’s comments, I learned something.

I learned that, if when You go out there, what You do You always do it to the best of what You are capable of, You will always be considered “The Best” (Intentionally, Unintentionally, or Unconscionably).  It will get to the point that because You are “The Best,” people will expect the best.  But, because we live on earth where there has to be a balance to be world, one day You will lose.

But wait!! …

Because You are always “The Best” (always do things to the best of what You are capable of), even when You lose, people will always sheer for You.  And the ones who don’t, will talk about You.  Which in the end when You add everything up, You will always still end up right at the Top.

My Friends, it is not what You say, don’t say, or what You do in life what makes Your “Legacy” … It is how You do it and of course … why You do it.


P.S. I do not go for any sport team.  I like them all (on finals and championships only). I am not a sport type of guy.  I only like finals, world series, world games & championships of any sport. 

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