Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You (7/23/10)

All of us, once we are born we are born with a seal called “Destiny” … This Destiny is the reason why we are born.  This thing called “Destiny” is what makes our world a better place.

Unfortunately, even though we are born with it, we don’t know what is it because we have to find it.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all my friends and all my family for being who they are.  Especially those who somehow, somewhere had been personally close to me in my surroundings and life through-out my years of existence.

So far since I can remember, this has been the best birthday of all.  To some of you I had the chance to say thank you directly.  But this time I say thank you to all.

My Friends, if we don’t find our “Destiny” we become the “Destiny” of the “World” wherever we go.

Your “Destiny”……  Here it is:

When You personally find what you love and enjoy “To Do,” and at the same time “That” (wherever may be) makes You happy, You have found Your “Seal” (You had found Your Destiny).

For our earth to be world there has to be a balance.  There has to be a little bit of everything and anything.  That’s the way the world works.

Just as every “Seal” on every flag, company, city, state, country, is different, every “Destiny” on every human being is different.  Our “Destiny” some of us will find it quickly and will live it as well.  Others will have to work a little longer to be able to find it, but eventually it will be found and lived.

Now, there are others that will find their “Destiny” but at the time it is found, unfortunately, they personally are not ready to live it. They personally are not ready to take care of it.  They personally are not ready and do not have what it takes to make that “Destiny” shine through the eyes of Paradise (The World).

The reason why they are not ready is because their “Destiny” (what they love To Do, Enjoy Doing & what makes them Happy) is just beyond normal, it is just Big.

The good thing about it though is that Life will take care of that.  Life will take care of You.  Life will Make You Ready.

The only sad thing about it is that in order for You to get ready to live Your “Destiny,” Life will teach You as is.  Life will prepare You as is.  Life won’t sugarcoat it to You.  Which means, Life will put You through things that sometimes they are so horrible and unbearable, that the only thing I can compare them to is to an ear or tooth pain (sometimes).

The wonderful thing about it is that once You discover that what You are going through (or had gone through) are lessons that are just molding You “to Be” what you were meant to Be for Paradise, for Your “Destiny” … once you find that out, You just step at side, sit down, relax, and enjoy the ride (for the right Time).  And as long You do the Right Thing, now and forever, Life will always give You “Your Things” Forever & Ever.

A friend of mine posted something the other day that said, “If you could go back in time in your life, what would you re-do again?” …….. My answer to that was, “Everything….everything….everything….everything and absolutely Everything…..”


Because each one of them (life events) were lessons that gave me what I needed, lessons that molded me, lessons that prepared me, and made me the happiest person on the planet, or even better, on the entire universe.

I believe that now I’m 34 years old (I think…no sure)…. believe me, there is nothing like driving the ride of Your Life and been able to see as far as where the sky meet your road and beyond.  If this is at 34, can you believe what will be like when I’m 174 going 175? …….. Priceless!!!

My friends, besides been molded, been prepared, been taking care off, besides been blessed and besides still learning every second of my life, I had been given also something that I can’t explain, something that goes beyond happiness, beyond real.  Something that let me see how wonderful and precious everything and anything is.  I can’t explain it, but I will always share it with You… Always.

I had a wonderful birthday!!!

From a Strawberry Sticker, to a _________, _________, ___________, ______________, ____________, ______________, (classified info), __________, ______________,  ______________, _____________, ______________________, ____(etc.)____, ____(etc.)___, ___(etc.)____, _______, and to a Red Rose from a stranger that I have never met in my life……… I could say, I had a Blast!!!.

I will say though, on that day, I was having so much fun, that some-how, some-where, I manage to lose my watch.  A wristwatch that took me 9 years to find.  But…….. what can I do……. Nothing!!.........So………. I just let it be….

To all of You that some-how are connected with me (“Now”) either by being my family, my personal friend, co-worker friend, online friend, cyber friend, text friend, e-mail friend, ex-friend, You Name it Friend, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!!

Thank You for making each second of My Life a time that always make me want to live until 175.

Thank You


Jovanny A Rodriguez 
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