Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Name on The Calendar

At the beginning of this year I took my bedroom calendar and I wrote my daughter’s name on specific days up until august.  Up until august because when I got to august I found a better tool and way as of accomplishing what I was trying to accomplish in putting her name on the calendar.

Yesterday, I went out with my princess.  When we got to the place, she saw something that made her start telling me a story about her changing her birthday date.  Some how she over heard, saw on tv, or someone told her that she could do that.  Basically, these were her words, “My birthday takes too long to come….that’s why I want to change it… and so on and on….I can change it”

Some of you are parents, some of you are not.  The ones that are know this:  When your children are little they tend to say crazy-out of this world things.  But because they are still a child, you kind of go along with wherever that craziness is and you just say …. “ooh yes!! … Ooh yeap!!”

As of today my princess is 5.  She is a very smart little girl.  When I say smart, I mean spiritually.  It is something that you just can’t see with your eye because she doesn’t show it.  But I can feel it.

Well, after she told me that craziness, I kind of gently stood in front of her and said, “I am very sorry to tell you this, but you can only have one birthday every year and because of that, you can’t change your birthday…… you already had your birthday…Christmas has to come and pass and then you will have your birthday again.”

Oohh My Lord!!!..... she flit like a burger on a grill!!!

When we got home, we went to my bedroom and I sat her on my bed.  I then took my bedroom calendar and I started showing her from January to December the months and birthday dates of people we both know.  Then, all of the sudden, crying, she took the calendar away from me and then she laid down on the bed looking at the calendar.

Out of the blue she stopped crying and said, “Dad, why is my name here, here, here, here, …. And here?” ….. I just said, “Because I love you.”

After I said that, with a big smile on her face, and a bright shining light on her eyes, she gave me a kiss and said, “I love you Dad” and then left to play with her cousin.

Do you know what I learned at that moment?

That even a 5 years old can understand the difference between an “I love you” and “The Act/Show of … I really meant … I Love You”

My friends, back in the days, a just “I love you” would had cut it.  But now-days, you better also show it.

I Love You

Love Life and Your Life will just Love You.


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