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Growing Body Parts

I was so happy to see this program the other day on 60 Minutes (CBS).  Thanks to the emerging technology, smart people, but must important thanks to Life, for giving the opportunity and chance to so many people to live a better life. JAR

El otro día me puse tan feliz al ver este programa en (CBS) 60 Minutes.  Gracias a la tecnología que esta emergiendo, a la personas inteligentes, pero más importante, gracias a la Vida, por darle la oportunidad y el chance a que tanta personas puedan vivir una mejor vida.  Es un programa donde enseña como los científicos han descubierto la manera de crear partes/órganos del cuerpo humano con las mismas células del propio paciente para el paciente.  Que feliz me hace esto. JAR

FROM: 60 Minutes (CBS)

Morley Safer reports on the emerging technology of growing body parts from human cells taken directly from patients, providing new hope for amputees and patients on organ-transplant lists.

Dr. Anthony Atala runs the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina. You name the body part, chances are Dr. Atala is trying to grow one. 

"Currently at the institute we're working on over 22 different tissues and organs," Dr. Atala told 60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer. 

According to Atala, they are working on regenerating bladders, kidneys, lungs and more. "The possibilities really are endless," he said. 

"Yes," Atala said. "The body does recognize them as their own and it does grow with the child." 

"Are you suggesting a remarkable future when organs fail, we simply replace them and live to 120? 150?" Safer asked. 

"Well, the hope for the future is that if you do have a patient who has organ failure, you don't want that patient to die because you're waiting for an organ," Atala said. "People are dying every day on the transplant wait list. So the hope of the field is that some day we can provide replacement tissues and organs that can be used to help them survive." 

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Life is Good!!


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