Monday, July 19, 2010

Week+End (7/11-7/17/10)

What a Week!!

It was a good week :)

First of all, I spoke with someone very special to me….. That was priceless.

Second, had a wonderful time at my friend’s birthday party.  It was a Hot!! Party!! … You know…. Those Good Ones called HotDelicious!!! Yes it was…….
Thanks to an unknown now known friend, I was able to practice a little bit my little salsa knowledge.  Almost got to learn Lambada Dance but some electrical DJ malfunction didn’t make it happen.

I also would like to share this: A party is not a party without You, Me or Them.  However, even if we are there, a party wouldn’t be a success without “The Special Party People” …. Those people that make the party A REAL PARTY!!! … I love them…..even if I don’t know them.

Third, had a conversation with a friend of mine.  We were talking about people, life & money.  Some-how in the conversation the words of: “When some people get a large sum of money or go up in the latter, they changed” …… and my friend said this, “They don’t really change, they true-self happen to just come out” …… I really liked it.  Never hear of it that way.

Fourth, had a wonderful time teaching my 5 years old Princess how to swim for the first time :) :)

Fifth, :) :) Me, MySelf & I hadn’t swim in a very long time……….. I Did iT !!!  Ooh… Yes!!! :) :)

Sixth, Had some really good family time with The Family & Family…. It was ZZzzuaaassszzzz!!!!

Seventh, Heard for the first time the word, “Hippie” …….. As you all know I am still learning English, so I had to Google-it ……… Ooh boy!!

Eighth & the final…. I learned something really interesting:  Sometimes when someone doesn’t want to dance a song, it really doesn’t mean they don’t know how to dance, it really doesn’t mean they are not in the mood, it really doesn’t mean they don’t like you, IT JUST MEANS….They hate that type of music!!! :) :) :)

Loved My Whole Week!!!

Love You All


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  1. By the way I forgot to mention, I learned a little bit how to dance Tec-No Music (Is that the way to write it?) JAR