Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drive on “N” … No on “D”

If you have driven a car, had sit on a passenger seat of a car, or had sit next to a bus driver, you probably know that in order for the vehicle to go, the driver must put the shift on “D”

When the driver put that shift on “D” … the driver is manually/telling the vehicle to go forward and the vehicle will not stop until the driver physically hit the brakes.

Now, just for a second imagine that you are the driver.  Think about it.  You as the driver will go as far as your vehicle will take you.  Right?

Well…….. That is what I think.

Now, let substitute the “Vehicle” for something called “Things of Life”

“There he goes” …. Yeap…. (That’s what you said, not what I said).  :-)

Just as fuel gives power to the vehicle’s engine so you can drive where you want to go, the “Things of Life” give you the “Juice” that ultimately converts into the “Force” that drives you to wherever your destination may be.

Just see this picture:  What take you there?  Yes……. To your final destination or wherever that may be.

The answer to that is “Your Vehicle”
&/or “Things of Life”

If it is “Your Vehicle” … how far can your vehicle take you if you decide to go on a journey?  Would you use your vehicle, borrow one or rent one?

If you borrow one or rent one….. I would like to ask this question:  Have you ever met someone who owns a car and when you get into their car, there is a bright shining light in the dashboard that says, “Service Engine Soon”?  Now, weeks and sometimes maybe months have passed and you just happened to get into the same car again and what do you see in the dashboard? ……… The same shining light.

How well do you think that vehicle is being treated or maintained?  How far do you think you will get on your journey if you take that vehicle?  Do you think you may want to sign-up for AAA Service before you go?

We will now take the same philosophy and apply it to “Things of Life”

Wherever happen in your life, wherever comes to your life, wherever leave your life, and wherever surround your life is must of the time the juice (force) that move your life.  And what takes you there.

So, wherever that may be, whether is good or bad, wherever you do with it (“Service Engine Soon”) or (“Issue”), at the end, that is and will be the driving force that usually power your vehicle.  Which on this case, you will manually put the shift on “D” and the force will take you.  I don’t know where it will take you, but it will take you.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is something called The “N” Shift.  “Neutral”

I looked up the definition for “Neutral” on the Webster Online Dictionary and it says:

Neutral: One that is neutral.  And a position of disengagement (as of gears)

I also found an interesting definition in the world of journalism:

Neutral: Neutral point of view (NPOV), a stance or tone that is free from bias.

Now, let mix the two for a little bit (“Vehicle” & “Things of Life”):

Your “Vehicle” will drive you as far as you take care of it.  The fuel (force) that you put on your “Vehicle” is base (must of the time) on the events that occur in your life.  Wherever that event may be, you will always make a decision that will manually put the shift on “D” and your “Vehicle” will drive just like that and with that.

Depending on how you treat your “Vehicle” … you know the deal.  That’s how the journey is going to go and FEEL.

In our life, we tend to re-fuel our journey with the same fuel (energy) that live around us or with the one that we had lived.  And on top of that, we go around in our journey in our own “No Well Maintained-Vehicle”  …. Just imagine all the unknowns that will show up in that journey.


Nothing compares to driving on “N” …… Nothing…

When you drive on “N” … your journey is just inexplicable.  The only way I can explain it is like when you are in a moving car with the windows down and you stick your hand out right-open.  And no matter how fast or how slow the car goes the feeling that you feel when the air force goes through your hand and between your fingers is just something like breath taking.  That’s how your life journey goes and feels when you drive on “N”

Because you are always on the “N” Drive, you are always free from bias, you are always disengage (unlock), and you are definitely always neutral.  So, wherever you hear, see, feel, do, or live at any point in time, “That” will never be the juice (force) that drive your journey.  Never… Ever….
It will only be, like the wind that goes through your hand and fingers.  When your hand is out in that moving car, the only thing you feel is the “Breath Taking” feeling and that’s it.

That is what happens in your life too when you drive on “N” … You can only feel/live the good, the sensational and the best of all, the experience of it.  The rest, it just go with the wind.

So… Wherever happen in your life, wherever comes to your life, wherever leave your life, and wherever surround your life WILL NEVER BE THE FACTOR THAT MOVE YOUR LIFE or JOURNEY.

On “N” you kind of enjoy your life more.  You kind of see more.  You kind of hear more.  You kind of learn more.  You have so much more.  And because of it, You want to give more.

On “D” …. What drives your journey “Is” your feelings and what powers it are the daily events and moment of your life.

On “N” … What drives and power your journey is Your Soul.

Because the Shift is on “N” … Your “Soul” always knows where You: stand, where You go, how to go, the speed to go, where to go, how to do it, when to do it, how to get there and when to get there.

Basically, on “N” the journey in life is effortless.

My Friends….

Take good care of that “Vehicle” (You).

And as hard as it may seem to Drive on “N” … I guarantee you, if you do it, You will Drive until the End.

Life is Beautiful ...

I Love You All.


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