Sunday, June 13, 2010

You Don't ... Until You ...

A couple of days ago I was talking to a friend of mine.  I hadn’t heard or talk to my friend for a very long time.  Sadly my friend gave me a very sad news.  One of my friend’s dear love ones was gone. :(

In the conversation with my friend, my friend told me a little old story about (my friend) and the love one that passed away.

Here is the story:

“Out of all siblings, my friend was always the chosen one to go to the market-place with grandmother.  For some reason, grandmother always liked to go with my friend.  My friend hated it so much (My friend was a teenager at the time).  The market-place was kind of those that you see on tv.  The types that are located on the street, with kiosks, tables, the one that cover the whole block and you just walk, pick and buy the stuff.  The thing that my friend hated the most was the walking back to the house.  After finishing shopping, grandma used to send the groceries in a motorcycle-taxi (“concho”) and then they will go walking all the way back to the house.” …..……….

My friend is all grow-up now.  Base on what my friend said above and what my friend shared with me I was able to see the following:

Grandma was special.  To Grandma my friend was an angel.  I think that is why my friend was always the chosen one and because:

Life sometimes finds people (like you & I) and give this special “thing” like an “X-Ray Machine” where you can see right-through people.  No matter how they look, no matter how they paint themselves, and no matter how and who they portrait to be, you can always see the real them.  Is just like…. “I can see you.”

Grandma had it.  Yes…. Grandma was blessed with that gift (“X-Ray Machine”).  She was able to see right through my friend.  Grandma knew that even though my friend did not like going to the market-place, she (Grandma) knew that deep down my friend' soul, my friend loved it.  I can say that my friend really loved it too because of how my friend told me the story (and how it was remembered).

My friends, sometimes (I repeat…. Sometimes) there are people that wonder “why this person doesn’t back off….and leave me alone? …. Why is this person always on my business?”

Well, the answer to that is “Grandma” ……….

Yes……. Grandma.  That person sees something in you that you may not see, feel or have ever seen in yourself because of your outer-self (Reputation).

(P.S. don’t confused Grandma with a stalker)

When the conversation with my friend ended, I also remembered a Spanish saying that says, “You don’t know what you have until you lose it.”

My friends, don’t you ever believe in that saying.  Do you know why?

Because it is a lie.

I will prove it to you now.

Have you ever being invited to a funeral where the person that died was related to a friend of yours?  If you answered “yes,” this is what happens while you are at the funeral home:
You don’t cry.  If you do, you do it because it hurts you to see your friend crying, NO because of the person that is inside the coffin.

What does that tell us?

It tells us that if you never make a connection with someone (maybe just a hi & bye thing), when that person disappear from your life (your world circle), it really doesn’t affect you personally.  Why?  Because you never knew them.  You never shared anything with them.  You don’t have memories with them (maybe just the hi & bye).  In other words, because you didn’t had nothing, you don’t lose nothing.

On the other end…..

When a person that is close (in any way imaginable) to you disappear from your life, some-how, some-way it will affect you.  Why? Because you knew them.  You shared things with them.  You have memories with them.  In other words, because you had something (connection), you lost something.  To understand it better let me put it this way:

The down-effect that you feel means and is generated from the fact that you really knew what you had.

So, when you hear it again, just think about it and remember:

The “Down-Effect” that you are feeling, you are feeling it, because you knew what you had.

So, the “saying”….. "You don't know what you have until you lose it" ..... is a

è L I E ç

Time to go my people.

Oohh….almost forgot…..

 I Love You All.


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