Thursday, June 24, 2010

Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet

What did I see?

There will be a time that Love & You will find each other and then You will go apart from each other.  It is something like the wind.  One day the wind will drop a ball on you (true love), and just as fast as that ball drops in, it will jump right back out (with the wind).

But, because it was true love, no matter how far or how long away the wind had taken it, the true love will always be your love (in one way or another).  Which let us to believe, when Love is Pure, no matter what life throws at us and for how long, because it was Pure, it will always …. Always… and again… always Endure.  Forever and Ever.

Sometimes it just takes a little trip with a stranger for us to realize where we stand in our love life.  After finding True Love, there isn't a greater thing than been able to stand up and say, "Do you know what? I have changed and unfortunately you are not part of that change."

My friends, when you changed, you don't change the way you are.  You just raise the level of what we deserve.  And because you are not getting it where you are (wherever that may be), it just has to leave.

When You and your Partner take a Special Time (for each other), that “Time” is a Time away from all the Time.  If you find it to be the other way, be on the look out, because you are OUT.

Where there is True Love, no matter what, for your Partner, “You” are always Priority #1 …. Always ….

Life is Great… Love Life…


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